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Cloud Migration Solution for Small Business by GO2CLOUDIT.COM

Lets take your business to the cloud, Inc. has the complete cloud migration solution to remove hardware, location, and vendor dependence. Why be tied to a server, and internet provider, or even an IT services shop? What does it cost your bottom line when your server is down and you no longer have employee productivity? How many sales are lost when your internet provider has an outage leaving you without connectivity? This loss of productivity is a real cost plus the service labor from your IT services vendor can be more than you realize. We can help mitigate those costs and frustrations by migrating your business to the cloud.

The simple truth is that almost all IT service companies will not look at most businesses under 20 users because they are focused on organizations needing monthly on-site visits.

We at Go2cloudIT have packaged together the basic features needed by most small businesses to completely migrate to the cloud. The main reason behind this is to remove the need for any local servers and even reduce expensive service consulting and response labor.

Go2CloudIT’s package includes:

  1. Microsoft Office 365© (Office Applications for 5 PCs + Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email server). The reason behind this offering is three-fold. First, everyone in your organization will have the same and latest version of Microsoft Office. Secondly, the hosted exchange server removes the need for a local email server to be installed on your premise. Lastly, having your email hosted removes your reliance on your internet. (If your internet is down you can go to a café, home, or where there is internet and access your email)
  2. Our Branded Encrypted Cloud Drive. This is particularly important in removing your reliance on a file server. We can apply permissions to your shares in the cloud as if they were on a local server. This service also includes versions to help protect against unwanted changes or even ransomware by allowing folder and file roll back. The branded feature allows your logo and business domain name to be used when sharing your files/folders/projects with your clients instead of advertising any of the other cloud drives out there. Your data is encrypted before leaving your network to help protect from prying eyes.
  3. Most other 3rd party business applications are already secured in the cloud (EMR/EHR programs for health care, QuickBooks©, etc…) Optionally, Go2CLoudIT can assist with migration tasks.
  4. Go2CloudIT takes control of the management and maintenance of your PC’s by providing the following services:
    1. 24/7 Complete systems monitoring and remediation of found issues
    2. Provide 24/7 proactive system maintenance (Patch management for windows and most commonly used 3rd party applications, PC tune ups and regular cleaning of hard drives, etc.)
    3. Monitored and Managed next generation antivirus solution
    4. We include an anti-malware package to help mitigate malware threats
  5. Our most valued feature of this package is Expert 24/7 unlimited remote support for your devices.
  6. If needed we can optionally secure and on-site professional technician at a pre-negotiated price to resolve any issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

Automation technology has allowed us to be efficient and reliable plus combined with our expert remote support agents you have a winning solution to help take your business to the next level leaner than ever before.

Cloud computing normally helps you to save substantial amount of money. You will note that the cost of cloud computing much more flexible than traditional methods. With cloud computing, there is no initial investment requirements for infrastructure. In addition, there are no maintenance costs, license fees and so forth.

What are you waiting for, pick up the phone and give us a call and “Let’s take your business to the cloud”


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Cloud Services – Benefits and Why Choose Our Services

Whether you have a small business or large company, you can greatly benefit from cloud computing. With the technology increasingly evolving, managing your business with cloud services is no longer a question but instead a reality.

With a growing number of devices such as smartphones and tablets, accessing your data is even easier. As a matter of fact, companies who have seen the opportunity and moved are now reaping the benefits. If you haven’t moved to Cloud, then it’s high time you considered this. This is because the future of your business actually depends on this. But what are some of the benefits

Why move to cloud

It’s flexible – This is perhaps the most obvious advantage of cloud technology. By using Cloud, you will have the ability to scale up, work anywhere, and not be reliant on a single point of failure.

Reduced IT cost – By moving to cloud IT services, you will be able to reduce the cost of maintaining and managing your IT systems. Instead of purchasing expensive equipment and systems for your business you will be able to lower the cost by using the services provides.

It allows business continuity – One of the most important parts of business continuity planning is protecting your systems and data. Whether you experience a power failure or a natural disaster you will not be worried since you will be having all your data backed up and stored in a secure place. You will also be able to access your data quickly whenever you want to.

Some of our cloud services:

As a company, you can rely on us to provide some of the best cloud services. These include but are not limited to:









Since there are many cloud computing companies and every business needs are unique, you need to be careful when looking for the best cloud services. Choosing the right company and transitioning safely takes both experience and skills. This is why we are here. As a company, we are ready to move your business to the next level. With our help, you can change your operations, gain advantage and save some money in the process.


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New Cloud Service Go2CloudIT Brings Cutting Edge Technology and Support for Small Businesses

Lets take your business to the cloud

Small business cloud computing is here to stay, but there is still a great demand for professional and end-to-end cloud service and migration providers. Go2CloudIT is a new firm that has understood the finer requirements of small businesses and has launched a service that works as a complete IT department.

All small businesses today wish to move to the cloud, and many have done so. Go2CloudIT is meant to cater to their exclusive requirements with a proactive set of services to design, manage and maintain IT systems locally and with cloud computing.

Go2CloudIT knows that a large number of small businesses sorely missed the kind of support it offers. It thus aims to offer the same top level IT support to a 1 person office that it would offer to a 1,500 person office or corporation. To add more value, its North American English-speaking consultants are derived from experts with deep industry experience and training.

Services offered by Go2CloudIT come with the most in-demand features, such as 24/7 remote support, 24/7 systems monitoring and remediation, managed anti-virus protection, proactive systems maintenance, managed server option, secured and branded cloud drive, cloud migration services and Microsoft Office 365.

“We designed our platform to be able to meet the needs of the single user office all the way up to enterprise level corporations. We are cloud-based distributed team backed up by secure automation technology to provide our clients with the best possible service while being very affordable,” says a spokesperson from Go2CloudIT.

Go2CloudIT services are available to businesses of all sizes, such as enterprise, medium, small, and home offices. As a reliable alternative to ‘one-man IT shops’, Go2CloudIT services are always available with good response times, and able to support cloud migration with 24/7 remote tech service.

“Lower your IT costs by not having to invest in expensive IT infrastructure and support. What we offer is the ability to access your data securely anywhere, from any device, at any time,” said the company spokesperson.


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Benefits of cloud computing for a small business

Small business owners have shifted focus to cloud computing, and the experience they’ve had is unmatched. A research study conducted in 2012 confirmed that small businesses were using 4 cloud-based services up from 1 in 2009, this uptake experienced within four years. The number is presumed to grow to an average of over the year cloud-based services by the year 2020.
Cloud computing is one of the best ways small businesses can improve efficiency, increase reliability and availability of services, and maintain data integrity. Also, ensure that small business owners have a competitive advantage in the industry. The changes witnessed in the sector are immeasurable, a small business has a chance to grow and expand quickly.
These are some of the benefits of shifting from small business to cloud computing;
1. Expanded Integration
Adoption of cloud computing in small business allows for more opportunities for integration with various cloud-based providers. The integration process is made more accessible.
Small businesses can tap into these specialized cloud services and integrate with the day-to-day operations; from the accounting department, HR, marketing to operations. These opportunities allow more time for small business owners to concentrate more on the crucial areas of the business.
2. Cost Effectiveness
Small business owners have adopted cloud computing services with the aim of reducing IT-related costs. Cloud computing is virtual therefore storage, maintenance, hardware and support costs reduce.
3. Centralized Access/ Improved Security
A centralized database system allows for easy access. Based on cloud computing services small businesses can access information from a centralized point and can easily exchange information. Access to this information can be authorized by admin and restricted to specific persons. For a small business, it’s a significant advantage since information can easily be accessed and disseminated. Cloud computing also ensures high security for sensitive data using its advanced security features.
4. Flexibility
Using cloud computing services small business owners can offer employees the privilege to work from anywhere. With the reliable internet, secure connection and credentials to access the office server, employees enjoy the benefit of sharing files, obtaining information and constant update of projects that are ongoing. This eases the burden of having to physically be in office to send some data or update the registry over the weekend. Sounds great!
5. Unlimited Storage Space
There are no physical restrictions on the amount of space needed to store more data. Adoption of cloud-based services allows for easy expansion of already existing storage space without the need to have the additional hardware.
Cloud computing has been a dream come true for both small and medium-sized business owners. The pace at which IT infrastructure and cloud revolves quickly, so will business enterprises move with the same speed upon adoption of cloud-based services. Whether you are a small business or medium enterprise cloud computing is the way to go. Improved service delivery, enhanced security, flexibility, and access to information quickly makes small businesses expand and grow to tier-one enterprises citing examples like Facebook and Amazon. These companies started out a few years ago but the rate of growth experienced over these years is incomparable to any other.
written by: Alex Vincent 
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